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Australian Plants for Adelaide Gardens - Fertilising

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Small amounts of fertiliser applied over the root zone after it has been watered, can benefit many native plants. Caution is necessary, however, as many complete fertilisers which contain phosphates can be fatal to some natives, particularly proteaceous plants such as banksias.

Used in moderation Blood and Bone is one of the safest fertilisers. It is particularly effective on eucalypts and has the added advantage that it will deter rabbits if applied in a ring around the plant. Jomoco is a good organic fertiliser to give plants a boost.

Slow release fertilisers are a good method of fertilising in conjunction with drip irrigation.

There are no hard and fast rules, especially as soils are so variable.

The grower is best advised to experiment with fertilisers only if a plant is ailing or appears to need a boost.