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ANPSA Study Groups

Any MEMBER of the Australian Plants Society of South Australia may belong to a Study Group which are primarily under the control of ANPSA (Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)). ANPSA is the overarching governing body of NAtive Plant Societies across Australia.

Early on in the Society's history it was realised that knowledge about the cultivation of Australian native plants was very limited and there was little published information available. One way to help overcome this deficiency was to set up specialist Study Groups whose aim was to record the successes (and failures) of growing Australian species in various localities. Over the years these Groups have contributed valuable data which is assisting today's growers. 

Study Groups undertake the study of some particular aspect of Australian plants (usually a genus or a related group of genera) and there are currently 18 Study Groups Australia wide. The number of Study Groups may increase or decrease depending on the level of interest in a particular genus or group. Some groups are active for just a few years while others exist more or less permanently.

Study Groups allow members with specific interests to develop that interest to the fullest extent and to contribute in a practical way to the body of knowledge on the Australian flora. Membership of a Study Group can vary from just a few members to over 200.

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