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Conservation of Our Threatened Species

Conservation is possibly the most important part of the Australian Plants Society. We are actively involved in several conservation initiatives. In one project we are managing a site that has the only remaining significant population of a rare and endangered plant. At another site, we are returning some coastal habitat to what it was a hundred years ago, and that includes the mangrove forests. We are the only organisation to tackle the massive weed infestation at a site near Cape Jervis, and restore that area to its original condition. All these projects include weed eradication, seed collection, direct seeding, tubestock growing, revegetation work, survey work and much, much more. For those that are involved, it can be extremely rewarding.

History of Lands End (931kb .PDF)

COOTS airport Project (830kb .PDF)

COOTS Port Parham Project (1.3mB .PDF)

COOTS Pine Point Project (447kb .PDF)

Can you be involved in the COOTS projects? Click here for more information.

You can also find the latest information on the COOTS Facebook page.

Contact COOTS Co-ordinator Jeff Reid on 0447 995 777

For activities involving the Cape Jervis Coastal Community Group contact Carolyn Schulz on 0448 909 881.

COOTS Calendar of Events 2023 (177kb .pdf)