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Australian Plants for Adelaide Gardens

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The following is a transcript of the opening sections of a booklet published by the society in 1990. It was prepared by the late Ivan Holliday and others named in the Preface based on experience gained by our members.

In the printed book, this section is followed by three more covering Coastal and Near-Coastal, Adelaide Plains, and Mt Lofty Ranges regions, and for each region has lists of suggested plants under the groupings Ground Cover, Other Small Plants, Climbers, Shrubs, Trees and Ferns.

Current society members are in the process of revising the lists so that they can be published electronically.



This publication is a completely revised edition of the original publication (and its revised edition) which was compiled in three sections "Coastal and Near-Coastal Gardens" by John Scarvelis; "Adelaide Plains" by Robert Smith; and "Mount Lofty Ranges" by Laurie Russell.

Although such a publication as this cannot hope to cover the entire vast range of Australian native plants which may be grown in the Adelaide area, this revised edition is much more comprehensive than its predecessors, and should fill an important need for gardeners in Adelaide. It should always be remembered that most of the textbooks available are written by authors from the Eastern States, where climate and more importantly, soils differ markedly from those in Adelaide and to an extent which may cause some of the textbook information to be misleading to the people of Adelaide.

In compiling this new edition, which retains the format of the previous editions, I was assisted by Neil Shirley of the Fern Society of S.A., who prepared the information on Ferns. Neil's contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

It is hoped that this publication will encourage and help the people of Adelaide to protect and enhance the character and beauty of their environment and to learn a little more about one aspect of this country's heritage - it's native plants, by growing and protecting them.

Ivan Holliday, Past President S.G.A.P. (S.A. Region) (November, 1990)

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