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About Us

The Regional Society - Australian Plants Society (SA Region) Inc.

The Australian Plants Society (APS) is a community based, non-profit group of people who share an interest in Australian native plants.

Our aims are -

  • To encourage the cultivation and study of Australian plants.
  • To promote the establishment of gardens in all types of soil and climates for the preservation of Australian flora.
  • To pass on our knowledge as widely as possible.
  • To support or initiate efforts to protect Australian plants and their habitats.

The society, originally named the Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP), was created in 1958, shortly after similar bodies were formed interstate.

The National Association - Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)

 The ANPS(A) is the national association of the various state-based societies. The origin of ANPS(A) dates back to the early 1950s. The idea of a Society that is dedicated to the cultivation of Australian plants was proposed by Arthur Swaby who, for several years from May 1954, wrote a column "Know Your Natives" in the popular gardening magazine "Your Garden".

As a result of Swaby's initiative, the first regional Society was established in 1957 in Victoria. The idea was quickly taken up in other parts of Australia to form the separate independent Regional Societies which are now based in each Australian State and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The national association was formed in 1962 to foster the interchange of ideas and information throughout Australia and to coordinate issues extending beyond regional boundaries. Prior to December 2008, the organisation's name was the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). The name was changed to better reflect the wider interests of member societies, which extend beyond cultivation of Australian native plants. ANPSA is an administrative body and does not have individuals as members. Individual membership is available through the State based Regional Societies.

(Based on an excerpt from the ANPSA website)

Local Groups

There are local groups of APS members in nearly every part of South Australia.

In some regions, members have formed local sub-groups who meet regularly, and organise activities such as field excursions or local conservation projects. In other areas, there is a more casual network of members who share a common interest in promoting and preserving the natural flora.

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Biennial Conference

Every two years ANPSA hosts a Conference and Seminar program featuring lectures, workshops and field trips highlighting the diversity of Australia's native flora. Each Conference is organised by one of ANPSA's seven regional branches, on a rotating basis.

The next Conference was due to be held in 2021, but has been postponed to September 2022 to be held in Kiama New South Wales.

Registrations are now open for the 2022 ANPSA Biennial Conference.

Australian flora - past present future
Saturday, 10 September to Friday 16 September

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More information here:

In 2015, the Conference was held in Australia's National Capital, Canberra.

Several members of APS (SA Region) attended ANPSA 2015 Conference / Seminar and enjoyed the hospitality of members of the Australian Native Plants Society (Canberra).  

A report on the 2015 Conference can be read here.