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Some Hardy Plants for the Adelaide Plains

Plants for clay or loam, pH 7.5-8.5
M. Lee - March 2008

* Acacia pycnantha Golden wattle 4-5m quick growing temporary small tree – group
* Acacia acinacea Gold dust wattle 1-2m early spring flowering
Acacia iteaphylla Flinders Range wattle 2-3m screening Weed potential near parks
Acacia longifolia var. sophorae Coastal wattle 2-3m spreading shrub for screening
Acmena smithii Lilly pilly 5-12m Tall tree. Glossy foliage. Not near paths.
* Allocasuarina verticillata Weeping sheoak 5-8m small tree
* Austrodanthonia sp. Wallaby grass Low perennial grass. Dies down in summer
Banksia integrifolia Coast banksia 6-8m tall upright shrub, bird attracting flowers
* Banksia marginata Silver banksia 2-4m medium shrub. Pinch out tips to shape
Banksia media Gold flowered banksia 2-4m “ “
* Bursaria spinosa Christmas bush 2-3m screening shrub. Panicles of summer flowers
Callistemon pollandii   2-3m screen. Red flowers, attractive young foliage
Callistemon “Dawson River Weeper”   2-3m Boundary or screening
Callistemon “Harkness” Gawler hybrid 3-5m Almost small tree. Prune to shape
* Callistemon rugulosus Scarlet bottlebrush 2m red & gold flowers. Stiff foliage. Keep pruned
* Callitris preissii Native pine Small accent tree. Parrots like seeds.
Correa pulchella Native fuchsia 1-2m Dappled shade Plant several together
* Dianella revoluta
& other Dianella
Flax lily Dry shade & sun with some watering. Group
Doryanthes excelsa Gymea lily Long large leaves. Accent plant
Doryanthes palmeri Spear lily 2-3m across. Strong accent.
* Enchylaena tomentosa   Great groundcover. Edible berries for birds
Eremophila drummondii   .5m Attractive bright green. Suit edging
Eremophila glabra   Many forms, see literature
Eremophila maculata Emu bush .5 to 1m always green, bird attracting flowers
Eremophila weldii   .5m bluish green small leaves for edge, low hedge
Eucalyptus caesia “Gungurru” 4-6m sparse graceful small tree. Bark, foliage, fl.
* Eucalyptus fasciculosa Pink gum 5-10m local attractive small gum
Eucalyptus le soueffii Goldfield’s blackbutt 10-12m tall shapely tree. Lorikeets in February
* Goodenia ovata upright form   .5m Undershrub Dappled shade to sunny position
* Goodenia ovata groundcover form   Groundcover or hanging basket
Grevillea curviloba   .5-1m Dry semi-shade to sun groundcover. Fl spikes
Grevillea thelemanniana forms   Attractive small shrubs. Sunny position. Bird attract.
Hakea “Burrendong Beauty”   3,w x1m h Open position, pink winter flowers
* Hardenbergia violacea Native lilac Scrambler.
Hibiscus huegelii
syn. Alyogyne huegelii
Hibiscus Full sun once established Large blue flowers
Hymenosporum flavum Native frangipani 7-8m verdant green leaves, perfumed flowers
Lomandra longifolia
& other sp.
Mat rush .5m. Strappy leaves – group or lines
Macadamia sp. (grafted) Macadamia nut Protect from strong winds. Attractive fol. edible nuts
* Maireana brevifolia Bluebush .5-1m Sunny position. Contrasting foliage
Melaleuca huegelii Chenille honeymyrtle 3-4m. Dappled shade to sun. Prune to shape
Melaleuca pentagona Pink fl. honeymyrtle 2-3m Open sunny position. Med. compact shrub
Pandorea jasminoides
P. pandorana
  Semi-shade to full sun. Vigorous green fol. climbers
Philotheca angustifolius Wax flower 1m perfumed leaves, starry white fl. rounded shrub
* Pittosporum angustifolium Weeping apricot Small tree. Open position Plant 2 or 3 together
* Atriplex nummularia Old man saltbush 1-1.5m shrub. Good hedge. Prune to keep dense.
Templetonia retusa Cockies tongues 1-2m Sunny position. Upright shrub. Red fl. August
* Themeda australis Grass to 1m Attractive seedheads in summer – group

* Local indigenous

Many plants appreciate shade from others or twiggy branches placed around them for the first summer. Gradually wean them off watering during the second year.