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Gardening with Natives

Australian Plants for Adelaide Gardens

The following is a transcript of the opening sections of a booklet published by the society in 1990. It was prepared by the late Ivan Holliday and others named in the Preface based on experience gained by our members.

Australian Native Plant Selector - APSQuery

One of our members, Howard Harvey, has developed a computer program called APSQuery to select Australian native plants to meet specific requirements. Read more...

Some Hardy Plants for the Adelaide Plains

Plants for clay or loam, pH 7.5-8.5 M. Lee - March 2008. Read more...

Attracting Native Birds to Your Garden Using Native Plants

There are many native plants which will attract native birds to your garden or rural property. Read more...

Acacias for Adelaide Gardens

from S.G.A.P Journal, November 1983, 9(1)
The combination of limestone and clay in soils of many parts of Adelaide has created problems in the cultivation of numerous species of Australian plants. Read more...

Native Plants as Cut Flowers

Read More....

Plants for Japanese-style gardens

A Japanese-style garden can be created with Australian natives by selecting plants with properties similar to the traditional choices. Read more...

Fertilizing Australian Plants in the Garden.

There is much confusion about the use of fertilisers on native plants in our gardens. Kevin Handreck explains the keys to success.  Read more...

How to grow Quondongs and Sandalwoods

Notes from Jeff Reid about germinating quondongs and sandalwoods from seed.
Read more... (.pdf 55kb)



INDiGENOUS to South Australia

Acacia pycnantha  

Calytrix tetragona