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Pangarinda Botanic Garden (formerly Pangarinda Arboretum)

Pangarinda Arboretum has had a name change to better reflect its status of growing some of Australia's rearest native plants.   Coorong Council, the custodians of the Garden,  have agreed to this name change.

Pangarinda Botanic Garden is situated on the eastern side of the Murray River just down the road from the Wellington ferry.

Embracing Conservation, Education and Tourism

Take a stroll, Relax  at the shelter, Admire the view!

Dwell on the efforts of the visionaries who Founded this Garden and the Volunteer effort that established 

and maintains this 12Ha of plants. Many of these low rainfall plants are renowned for failing in traditional

 garden culture. We have replicated the plants natural conditions:

· very good drainage · low humus and low nutrient levels · excellent rainfall infiltration

 These are very important considerations for the growing of most species from Australia’s lower rainfall regions. 

 Most plants then do not need additional water once established!

You also can replicate nature and succeed with many of these species to provide great visual  effects while greatly reducing your water usage




Pangarinda Botanic Garden