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Cox Scrub Conservation Reserve

Cox Scrub Conservation Reserve is an area of native scrub at the southern end of the Adelaide Hills.

A spring walk in Cox Scrub Conservation Park

Cox Scrub CP is on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide. It is 8km south of Ashbourne on the Goolwa Road. The dominant eucalypts are Eucalyptus fasiculosa (Pink Gum), E. cosmophylla (Cup Gum) and E. baxteri (Brown Stringy Bark). Don't be fooled by the small stand of E. cladocalyx in the north west corner of the Park, these were planted to provide additional nectar for bees.

The flowers on show through late winter and spring are beautiful. The walks are well signed, and none are overly strenuous. Lovely views of the surrounding country can be seen from the centre of the Park. If you can lift you eyes up from the flowers there are also lots of birds to see. Watch out for the echidnas too!

Here are some of the flowers seen in one day in early September.

Acacia continua (Thorn Wattle). Small shrub with unusual short pointed phyllodes. Grows to 1 metre tall.  
  Acacia myrtifolia (Myrtle Wattle). Shrub 1-2metres tall.
Acacia paradoxa (Kangaroo Thorn). Shrub 2-3 metres. Also in flower were A. pycnantha and A. verticillata.  
  Adenanthos terminalis (Gland Flower). Low small shrub 1 metre tall, with upright branches and small grey/green leaves grouped closely along the stems.
Allocasuarina striata (Small Bull Oak). Shrub to small tree 1.5-4 metres tall.  
  Argentipallium obtusifolium (Small Paper Daisy). Pretty little clumping Paper Daisy.
Astroloma conostephiodes (Flame Heath). Small shrub 30-100cm tall. Also in the park but not in flower in spring is A. humifusum, which is a prostrate mat forming plant. Both of these beautiful species are all but impossible to buy, as they are notoriously difficult to propagate from either seed or cutting.  
Although both Banksia marginata and B. ornata can be found in the park, neither were flowering in spring.
  Billardiera cymosa (Sweet Apple-berry). Twining plant with edible fruit.
Boronia coerulescens (Blue Boronia). Twiggy shrub to 50cms. Also in flower was B. filifolia.  
  Brachyloma ericoides (Brush Heath). Small dense shrub 20-90cms tall with pink tubular flowers.

Calytrix tetragona (Common Fringe Myrtle). Both pink and white flowering forms are in the park. Shrub 1-2 metres tall.  
  Clematis microphylla (Old man's Beard). Climber with white, fluffy seed heads.
Daviesia brevifolia (Leafless Bitter Pea). Unusual leafless small shrub to 1 metre tall.  
  Dillwynia sericea (Showy Parrot-pea). Small shrub to 1 metre tall with soft, hairy grey/green leaves.
Diuris corymbosa (Bulldogs). One of the Native orchids found under the Eucalyptus cladocalyx.  
  Drosera macrantha (Climbing Sundew). Small carnivorous plant to 60cms tall.
Drosera whittakeri (Tiny Sundew). Ground hugging little sundew. Don't tread on them!  
  Goodenia blackiana (Native Primrose). Small plant only a few cms high, and up to 15cm wide.

Grevillea lavandulacea showing the variety in colours that can be seen.  
  Hakea rostrata (Beaked Hakea). Shrub 1-5 metres tall, with long needle like leaves.
Hibbertia riparia (Erect Guinea-flower). Small shrub to 50cms tall with beautiful standout flowers.  
  Kennedia prostrata (Running Postman). Ground cover with oval grey/green leaves and red pea flowers.
Leucopogon virgatus (Common Bearded-heath). Twiggy shrub 30-60cms tall with little "bearded" white flowers and deep pink buds.  
  Logania linifolia (Flax-leaved Logania). Erect shrub to 1 metre tall.
Pimelia octophylla (Woolly Riceflower). Sparse plant with a few stems to 1 metre tall with large cream terminal flowers.  
  Platylobium obtusangulum (Common Flat-pea). Wiry shrub with distinctive leaves to 80cms and yellow and red pea flowers...
Pterostylis nana (Dwarf Green-hood). One of the green-hood orchids found in the Park.  

  Pterostylis pedunculata (Maroonhood).
Tetratheca pilosa (Pink-eyed Susan). Small wiry shrub to 60cms high with pink/mauve bell flowers.  

  Xanthorrhoea semiplana (Yacca). These grass trees can grow to over 2 metres eventually.
Zieria veronicea (Pink Zieria). Compact little shrub to 60cms tall smothered in pink flowers.