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Adelaide Botanic Garden

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is situated in the Adelaide Parklands.

APS and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

One of our main achievements has been the increasing awareness of growing native plants. This has been partly due to our extended period of drought but APS SA has also been in partnership with our Adelaide Botanic Gardens and other Industry Representatives to be part of the ‘Native Garden Initiative’.

Native Garden Initiative

There are now full colour brochures available either on-line or from the Botanic Garden which cover issues such as ‘Choosing sustainable products and materials’ and ‘Conserving water in the garden’.

APS was involved with a ‘Birds, Bugs and Banksias’ family day in April 2010 in the Botanic Garden in celebration of native plants and gardens. A ‘Native Garden Awards’ competition was held and quite a few of our avid native gardeners won prizes. Some of these gardens are now part of the ‘Native Garden Trail’ which showcases our amazing Australian Native Plants. These gardens have many ideas for design, plant selection, habitat and the use of sustainable materials for anyone wishing to create a native garden.

‘The Native Garden Student Design Competition’ was held with many of our young garden design and landscape architect students taking part. Hopefully, the winning design will be built within the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

We sincerely hope that the momentum created toward ‘Going Native’ will be continued with our water issues becoming less crucial.

Visit the Adelaide Botanic Gardens web-site, including pages on Native Gardens. The Adelaide Botanic Garden has its own page in Wikipedia.


Adelaide Botanic Gardens April 2014