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The Australian Plants Society meets every 4th Thursday of the month at the Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley (except December) at 7.30 pm.

COOTS Activities:  If you are planning to attend any of the working days, please contact Jeff Reid by phone to register your intention.

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May 2017 General MeetinG
Thursday 25th May at 7.30pm at the Unley Community Centre, Arthur St, Unley


Speaker: Professor Hans Griesser
'Medicinal Properties of Eremophilas'


A number of species from the genus Eremophila have been used for a very long time for traditional medicinal purposes. Our research aimed to extract and identify the medicinally active chemicals, and investigate whether they might be useful as novel antibiotics. In this presentation I will give an overview of our research. The chemicals we have found in Eremophilas that kill bacteria are quite different to currently used antibiotics and some of the new chemicals can even kill multidrug-resistant “superbug” bacteria and fungal organisms.

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