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Workshops & Speakers Spring 2017


Workshops  for Australian Plants Society

Spring Flower Show, Plant Sale and Expo


Saturday 7th October


11:00am      Steve Walker Co-Author of” Frogs of South Australia: "Local Frogs & attracting them to your garden"

12:00 noon  Mark Thomas of Gondwana Landscapes "Landscaping with Australian Native Plants"

1:00pm        James Smith Zoologist & author: "The Wildlife of Greater Adelaide"

Sunday 8th october


11:00am       Brett Oakes runs the Trees for Life nursery:  "Propagating Common Local Native Species"

12:00 noon   Greg Kirby grower and researcher of Sturt Pea for 20+ years: "Growing Sturt Pea"

1pm              Nicky Fidler Lecturer in horticulture: "Indigenous Plant Use"




Eucalyptus preissiana ssp lobata

Eucalyptus preissiana ssp lobata


Eucalyptus crucis

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha

Eucalytpus dolichorhyncha